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Domain names The right choice of domain name is one of the most important factors for the success of the project - choose carefully!

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Domain name is the most important thing for the success of your project on the web, from how memorable it will be a lot depends on its attendance, to the value of promotion costs. In fact, it is the address of your website, for fast communication between customers and your company, the ease and convenience of the domain sometimes directly affects sales, and your customers when entering the domain name in the address bar will go exactly where they want.

A domain name consists of two basic elements. For example, the domain name of our company consists of a website name (UnixHost) and a domain name extension (.pro). When you order a domain name, you have full control over it and we as a company guarantee that it will belong to you only.

Without a domain name, anyone who wants to visit your site will have to enter the full IP address. But the problem is that the IP address is not easy to remember and it will look weird in promotional material.

Back to our website for a moment, is the domain name. Let's say it points to the IP address The IP address points to the server, but the address itself doesn't give visitors access to the site. In order for the IP address to reach the site, the remote server must use port 80 with the default page (i.e. index.html), which is stored in the web application directory. As you can see from the above, a properly chosen domain name makes life easier for users and leads to increased profits for your project or company.

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What is a domain name?
A domain, or domain name, is an alphanumeric, numeric or alphanumeric designation that is a necessary element of a website address, which is used on the Internet to navigate to a website.
How long after registration is the domain name activated?
The average time to activate a domain is between 2 and 28 hours.
What is the maximum renewal period for a domain name?
The maximum renewal period for a domain name depends on the domain zone. Domain names can be registered/renewed for 1 to 10 years.
Can I change the name of a domain that I have already registered?
No, there is no such option. You will need to register a new domain name.
Is it possible to transfer a domain name to UnixHost?
Yes. You can order a domain name transfer (transfer). The transfer is available in your personal cabinet.
What does parked domain mean?
Parked domains are clones/mirrors of a primary domain and are used if you want to have multiple domain names that lead to a single site.