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Dedicated servers in Slovakia Dedicated servers for large projects

How quickly my server will be activated
Average server activation time is 24-28 hours.
Is there a test period for dedicated servers?
There is no test period for dedicated servers. You can verify if the server performance is suitable based on CPU tests.
Is it possible to order additional IPs?
Yes, you can order additional IP addresses for each dedicated server.
Is it possible to change the parameters of the dedicated server?
The server configurations are tailored to meet all customer requirements. If you can't find the configuration you need, please contact us and we will put together a configuration to suit your needs.
Can I connect to the server via KVM?
Not all servers support KVM connections. When ordering a server, please ensure that the server ordered has KVM support.
Is administration included?
The server price includes basic server setup - installing and upgrading the operating system, installing the control panel. If you need further assistance in configuring any of the software, please contact our technical support team and they will help you with your problem.

The ever-changing, dynamic world demands unconventional and flexible solutions at attractive prices and with sometimes unremarkable conditions. We at UnixHost are always open for cooperation and offer our clients maximum freedom in choosing a reliable dedicated server. Renting a server in Slovakia (Bratislava) offers you a number of advantages not previously available.

When you order a server, you get fully certified HP hardware from a supplier with an excellent geographical location with no major network latency or bottlenecks, which in turn gives you the opportunity to work with the server as comfortably as if you were in the same room with it.

When ordering a dedicated server rental service, you have the opportunity to choose from more than 100 possible hardware and service configurations, install the required operating system, including Windows Server, and our experts will help you choose a server that fully meets the needs of your project. Our professional technical support team is always on hand to help you in any situation and will promptly resolve even the most complex tasks.

We are not prepared to stop and are constantly evolving, if the performance of your server suddenly becomes low, you can immediately scale it to the required capacity with minimal downtime and at your convenience.