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Virtual Servers in Germany Choosing a reliable virtual server is a very important step for the success of a project on the network. If your project is aimed at a wide range of audiences in Europe, a server in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) will undoubtedly be exactly that optimal choice.


1 Gbps bandwidth

IPv4 and IPv6 address

Unmetered traffic

Scalable at any time

Own firewall

Graphic statistics

VNC / SPICE / Serial console

Weekly backup
Additional IPv4 address 3.00$/month
Additional IPv6 address 0.30$/month

Frankfurt am Main in Germany is one of the largest telecommunications hubs in Europe, hosting the DE-CIX traffic exchange point, which includes more than 700 global providers. The TIER-3 data center in this city was not accidentally chosen by UnixHost to host its telecommunications equipment, it incorporates all the best that telecom in Western Europe can offer, reliability, excellent network and direct connections to the leading global Internet highways, including those on the other side of the Atlantic. Your VDS server will be located at the junction of all network backbones, will have excellent performance in terms of network quality and stability. After ordering, the virtual server will be installed in a couple of moments, and you will be able to get to work, a huge number of different ready-to-use OS images are available for installation, which allows you to save time as much as possible and launch the project on time. Our technical support is always ready to help in solving any, even the most extraordinary tasks.

How quickly will my server be active?
A virtual server can be activated within 1-5 minutes. When ordering a virtual server with Windows operating system, the installation can take up to 60 minutes (this is due to installing the most up-to-date system updates).
Can I change the server configuration after purchase?
You can change the configuration of your server. To change the server settings you need to increase or change the required parameters and after ordering and paying for the upgrade, reboot the server. Please note that to reduce the disk space you will need to completely reinstall the operating system.
Can I reinstall the operating system myself?
You can reinstall the operating system yourself, simply select the required system and version and confirm the reinstallation.
Which control panel will be installed on my server?
When choosing the operating system we can choose which panel will be installed on your server, you can order both free control panels such as HestiaCP and VestaCP as well as paid cPanel, DirectAdmin.
How do I connect to the virtual server I ordered?
To connect to a Linux-based server, you must use an SSH client. Detailed instructions on how to connect to the server can be found in our video