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Our company provides virtual servers on Windows with a wide range of configurations and modifications. A server based on this operating system is suitable for a wide range of tasks: Internet surfing on RDP, trading on FOREX, working with 1C-enterprise, conducting business correspondence, working a virtual dispatch center or installing a PBX, as well as a wide range of projects on .NET, MS-SQL, IIS. All our windows servers support the Bluestacks emulator, you can fully work in any Android application as well as do it on a phone or tablet from the environment of operating system. Ordering a windows server from us, you will receive a reliable turnkey solution that will ensure the smooth operation of your business. With a server, you can choose from the operating system Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows server 2016 with access via RDP (remote desktop) and IPKVM. Low network latency and high-speed optical communication channels will allow you to work as a server comfortably and without interruption from anywhere. You do not need to limit yourself to the framework of standard tariff plans, we will be happy to select and configure an individual that will fully meet the needs of your business. Thanks to the fully hardware-based virtualization platform based on KVM connected to a cluster on SSD disks, you get fully guaranteed resources and guarantee the smooth operation of your virtual server, as well as the excellent speed of the disk subsystem on SSD disks. We are completely confident in our servers and provide test access without restrictions for 5 (five) days, you can verify your purchase and get extremely positive experience from working with us.