Virtual server in Ukraine

CPU Cores
Memory (RAM)
Disk SSD
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Additional services

Additional IP3$/month
IP from another subnet6$/month

Rent VPS / VDS servers in Ukraine

Renting a virtual server for your project in Ukraine (Kiev) is an excellent option in terms of price and quality. We offer this option to a wide range of projects, online stores, aimed at a large number of audiences. The modern technical site TIER-3 provides stable reliable operation of the equipment, and a convenient geographical location with minimal network delays, your customers will receive instant website loading from all points of the CIS. All our successes would have been impossible without the main value - people; our company has an excellent technical support service that can solve any technical problem in the shortest possible time. We are constantly working on the quality of our services, and you can be completely sure that you are getting one of the most advanced services on the market.