Dedicated server in USA

Rent a dedicated server in the USA — excellent choice if your application was not enough virtual server resources. Dedicated server in USA  is the high stability and reliability of servers based on server Supermicro. To rent a server in USA are available as single-processor solution and two or even 4 processor server equipment which can be changed, the server can additionally be equipped as hardware raid (BBU, Fastpath,Cachecade) controllers and SSD and SAS drives any volumes.

Each server may be equipped with RAID-controller or optional HDD and RAM memory.

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119$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-8X3-1

Intel X3430 Quad-Core Lynnfield Xeon • 8GB DDR3 • 500GB • 100Mbps

139$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-8E3

3.3GHz Quad-Core E3-1230 v3 Haswell Xeon • 8 GB DDR3 (RAM) • 1 x 500Gb SATA

129$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-8E3X2

Intel E3-1200 v1-v2 Quad Core Xeon RAID Bundle • 8GB DDR3 • SATA III / 2 x 500GB

159$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-16E3

3.3GHz Quad-Core E3-1230 v3 Haswell Xeon • 16GB DDR3 • SATA III / 1000GB

209$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-E564

3.5GHz Quad-Core E5-1620 v3 Haswell Xeon • 64GB DDR4 • 480GB SSD+2TB SATA

169$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-2XE524

2 x Intel E5500 Quad-Core Nehalem Xeon • 24GB DDR3 • SSD (Intel DC S3500) / 480GB

189$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-2XL572

2 x Intel L5520 Xeon Quad-Core • 72GB DDR3 • SSD (Intel DC S3500) / 480GB

1300$/month Order

Dedicated Server USA-4XE764

4 x Intel E7-4800 Hexa & Octo-Core Xeon • 64GB DDR3 • SATA III / 1000GB • 1 Gbps port

Dedicated servers on the SSD and SAS in Europe

Also, we can offer Dedicated servers on SSD and Dedicated servers on SAS in Europe