Transfer domains

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Transfer Domain

  Domain name: .

Transfer gTLD domain from another registrar

  • Since the registration of the domain must be at least 60 days;
  • Since the last change of registrar must be at least 60 days;
  • In the domain status should be ACTIVE (active);
  • Privacy Protection Service must be deactivated;
  • Change of Registrar passes for 5-7 days;
  • Upon receipt of an application for a transfer, we will send a request to email the Registrant indicated in the whois-domain information in the Administrative Contact;
  • Upon receipt of consent of the administrator of the domain name, domain transfer process is initiated;
  • The current domain registrar can send a request to the Registrant to confirm the change of Registrar;
  • Upon successful completion of the transfer, we will send a notice to the contact email client. The period of registration of a domain name is incremented by 1 year, the total period of registration of the domain can not exceed ten (10) years;
  • If the transfer has not taken place, the funds are returned to the internal balance of the client and can be used to pay for other services.

Ukrainian Domain Transfer

  • When you transfer the domain UA, COM.UA, KIEV.UA - fill request using the form on this page and tell your current registrar. Current registrar must report the details of the receiving registrar: FLP Kochenov AV, registrar ID: ua.master;
  • Before completing the application for transfer domains .DN.UA, .DONETSK.UA, .KH.UA, .KHARKOV.UA, .LG.UA, .LUGANSK.UA, .ZP.UA, .ZAPORIZHZHE.UA,. SM.UA, .SUMY.UA, contact the current registrar - ask them to set the status for the domain transfer: permit (opening for transfer) and ask for the security code domain: authcode.